7 Benefits of Procrastination You Don’t Know Exists

There are 7 benefits of procrastination you don’t know exists. Have you ever tried doing tasks that don’t require a certain deadline? If so, did you ever managed to finish it for a short period or the expected time? I’m pretty sure you know your priority but you insisted on doing other tasks that don’t require more willpower than the given assignment.

Did you know that no matter how negative the word “procrastination” is, we can still find some benefits behind this topic? Let us first get to know well the word ‘procrastination. Procrastination is the process of delaying important or urgent tasks.

Forgive yourself for a while if you found yourself guilty for doing all this type of action. Don’t worry too much, since we somehow manage to benefit from the relief that we get by delaying tasks. So, these are the 7 benefits of procrastination you don’t know exists.

1. You Get Instant Gratification

It Can Give You Instant Gratification - 7 Benefits of Procrastination You Don't Know Exists

Almost everything nowadays can be done instantly. Do you want instant friends?  Go to Facebook. Are you bored and wanted to meet strangers? Go to Omegle. Want to get an instant intimate partner? Go to Tinder.

There are more things you can easily get on the capitalistic world we have, it simplifies the process of getting people’s wants. It is normal behavior; we are built and have a natural tendency to conserve energy in order to survive. That is why when our minds detect a potential threat to our energy, they will sometimes try to avoid the scenario especially if it’s not urgent.

2. You Avoid Stress

You Avoid Stress - 7 Benefits of Procrastination You Don't Know Exists

Who does not want to avoid stress? Nobody wants to suffer stress especially if it involves work that you don’t like. I’m sure you are well aware of the consequences if you avoided that homework you’ve been assigned to finish before the deadline. Procrastination can instantly save you from stress for a while but you should know its time limitations.

We lived in an unpredictable world and time is not our friend. Life is so short that we value instant relief of avoiding stressors. We use procrastination to avoid the pain of the process of getting things done for a short period of time. We enjoyed procrastination, the taste of short-lived freedom against the painful stressors of the work we don’t like.

3. You Gave Yourself a Break

You Gave Yourself A Break - 7 Benefits of Procrastination You Don't Know Exists

Procrastination can also give you an excuse for a short break. And, by having breaks you help yourself avoid burnout. Work can sometimes be frustrating, how much more if you don’t like what you do. By giving yourself a break can also provide multiple health benefits.

Burnout at work if not avoided can be detrimental to both mental and physical health. You will surely appreciate short procrastination as an excuse for a work-related break. Be forgiving with yourself; remember that we only have one body that serves as a capital to our work.

4. You Save Yourself from Overwork

You Save Yourself from Overwork - 7 Benefits of Procrastination You Don't Know Exists

You can seriously die from overwork, in fact, there’s a term used in Japan, “karoshi” meaning death from overwork. When you know how to practice procrastination wisely, you will certainly avoid karoshi. Overworking has been a problem in countries like Japan which has a culture that values more work means more output in their own culture.

Although this may not mean they are productive, in fact, they have a lower productivity rate than their Western and European competitors. It can be sad to compare the numbers in the global ranking statistics for productivity. A little delay in the process does not mean it can result in bad output, in fact, it can be the opposite. Perhaps, it’s also a good idea to appreciate the positive side of procrastination.

5. You Can Be More Productive

You Can Be More Productive - 7 Benefits of Procrastination You Don't Know Exists

Productivity is the opposite of procrastination. However, when you procrastinate for the purpose of getting productive is another story. The main question is what you will try to delay. The best thing to delay in order to become productive is instant gratification. When you start to procrastinate taking dopamine enhanced activities that make you crave and distracted. You will then become aware of the importance of clarity and focus.

Another proof of boost productivity by delaying instant gratification is the process of elimination. When you delay activities that don’t contribute but drain away from your focus, you save yourself from getting bogged down or hooked to a certain period of time. As a result, an increased in productivity through selective procrastination of useless tasks; saving you more time and energy.

6. It Can Give You a Deadline

It Can Give You A Deadline - Seven Benefits of Procrastination You Don't Know Exists

The longer you procrastinate, the closer you are to the deadline. When you don’t set a deadline, your limited time will be more limited. And when you see yourself closer to the deadline, you will then feel approaching trouble. And when you felt trouble, it will force you to move and start to act in order to relieve the anxiety.

There’s always a positive side when you set a deadline rather than not setting one. But when you found yourself procrastinating on your goals since you don’t set deadlines, the reality will give you a stark realization.

When your mind and body sense anxiety for the approaching deadline, it can produce an awakening fight or flight response. It will force you to move and it’s your call to give your best approach when it’s time for you to act.

7. You Will Learn To Appreciate Time

You Will Learn to Appreciate Time - 7 Benefits of Procrastination You Don't Know Exists

What will you do when you start to complain after you procrastinate? It’s a normal tendency to blame when everything seems to go south. We have a strong tendency not to blame ourselves but for others. When time is running out and the buildup anxiety overpowers rational thinking. We began to realize that we are all overwhelmed.

We sometimes feel regrets and get depressed. We began to ask why did it go wrong and why we only have a little time left before the deadline. We learned to appreciate the time when we most needed it. We aspire for an extension when we are about to surrender. Always remember that time will conquer every one of us and it is never our friend as long as we continue to live in this world.

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